Courthouse, VA Real Estate

As its name suggests, Courthouse is home to Arlington County’s administrative complexes, government buildings and courthouse. The Courthouse community is located in central Arlington, and is bound on the north by Wilson Boulevard. Courthouse is prominently platted on one of the highest hills in Arlington County. This geographical feature played to the Union Army’s advantage during the American Civil War. The area of Courthouse was incorporated into the Arlington Line (a defense network) with the construction of Fort Woodbury. A plaque near the Arlington Courthouse commemorates the site.

Quality of Life:

Courthouse is a commuter, transit-oriented locale. High-rise residential and commercial offices define the area close to the Courthouse Metro Station. On the periphery, one can find condos, co-ops, townhomes and apartments.

Courthouse Plaza is the stage for spring and summer events, like the Saturday farmers market and outdoor concerts. Hillside Park is a well-groomed urban forest open to the public for their leisure. The Courthouse corridor offers an eclectic mix of eating establishments and boutique stores.

Getting Around:

Many who reside in the Courthouse community frequent the Orange Line metro. Wilson Boulevard runs east and west. Driving to D.C. is simple. I-66 is convenient for longer drives. Route 1 and the G.W. Parkway are nearby as well.


Ronald Reagan National Airport:  < 5 miles.
Washington Dulles International Airport:  < 25 miles.
Baltimore Washington International Airport:  < 30 miles.



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